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About Confidentiality

All of your information, and all of your communications with your attorney are legally protected by 'Attorney / Client' privilege.

About Security

  • All information is saved in our Secured Server.
  • Your connection to our server uses a Secured Connection. (This is the same technology you use when you connect to your bank, or order online from companies like You can tell you have a Secured Connection by observing the 'lock' symbol in the status bar of your browser:

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  • We don�t use Windows operating systems or software on our servers because they are too insecure.
  • We additionally encrypt especially sensitive information such as credit card numbers within the secured server.
  • We use as few technologies as possible and still get the job done—every additional technology we use is an additional security exposure. In our case, we require that your browser support HTML 3.2 (which is true of browsers since about 1995). If Javascript is enabled, this site will be easier for you to use. For example, when you click the button to delete an item, if JavaScript is enabled you'll get a message 'Are you sure?'; if Javascript is not enabled, it will simply delete it.
  • We don't use 'cookies' or Java (entirely different from JavaScript).

What You Can Do To Keep your Data Secure

  • Keep your Client ID and password secure. Don't give them to others.
  • The Law Offices of Andrew Gross will never ask you for your password, either by phone, by email, or any other way.
  • When you are on our secure website, the URL (the web address) will always start with ''
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    You can safely install these browsers in addition to Internet Explorer, and then use the browser of your choice.

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